Hair Color Tips and Trends

Time for change? Why not embrace the change by refreshing your look with a new hair color? Blondes, brunettes, and redheads alike can seek comfort in knowing that even the slightest change of a hue can make all the difference.

Looking to maintain that professional look, but perhaps add a bit of edge? For brunettes, warming up your hair with beautiful undertones of violet and red can really help spice up the colder months that stand ahead while maintaining the versatility to welcome change at any time. With so many options as to how to color your hair, adding violets and reds can work for both the fair and the olive-skinned.


Ideal for the naturally darker complexioned, adding copper or caramel highlights to a head of beautiful brown hair can provide a perfect and always popular fall hair color.


If it’s a lighter color you’re looking for, a limitless amount of options await you and your fall hair color! The “Bronde” color made popular by model Gisele Bunchen, is the perfect blend of brown and blonde hues. Mix in ashy or golden undertones to achieve that lighter, or darker, fall color you’ve been searching for.


While Autumn usually brings a mass of darker colors, there are still the resilient who want to keep the beautiful blonde… and rightfully so. If sporting a light blonde year round is your ideal look, then go right ahead. Adding platinum blonde highlights with a golden yellow accent can help blondes hold onto their beautiful golden locks.


Redheads have certainly seen their fair share of popularity recently, and it appears that the trend is here to stay. For the fair-skinned, trying out a copper red can help lighten and serves as a great alternative for those trying to avoid a deeper red.


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