Our salon started in 2006 at the current location. The original owners’ thought was a ‘french country boutique.’ She named it Beau Chic. Over time, it turned into a part time boutique and hair salon. Eventually the salon part took over. After about 5 years as Beau Chic a Salon and Boutique the original owner sold it and the next owner who kept it the same. Concentrating on the stylists and it growing that same business as a salon over the next 2 years.

The current owner, Tammie, purchased the salon in June of 2013. A hair stylist for 20 years, Tammie  could see in order for the salon to move forward it needed the appropriate name change. If it was a salon…it needed to be a “salon.” Then came the name Salon On 5 from a couple of employees brain storming in the break room. With colors and design idea already in Tammie’s mind, the name Salon On 5 fit perfectly.

A name you could read from driving down Five Mile Road and know exactly what we were. A hair salon! The idea of a divine and elegant hair salon you can afford with down to earth stylists that are perfectionists at their skill. Where your experience is relaxing, fun and filled with laughter. And you are guarantee great hair.

Tammie believes in focusing on just a few things, making it simple, but be the best at what you do. Salon on 5 is focused on hair, nails, waxing and hair extensions. We have several stylists that are specialists in all areas. You will be satisfied…we are totally confident in who we are!

Come see us…you wont be disapointed